Autoboot project

Autoboot is a free and open source boot firmware distribution (BIOS/UEFI replacement) based on coreboot. Boot firmware is the low-level software that runs when you turn your computer on, which initializes the hardware and starts a bootloader for your operating system. Learn more

The goal of autoboot is to make coreboot as easy to use as possible. Coreboot is notoriously difficult to configure, build and install. To this end, we implement an automated non-interactive build system and installation process, where all the user has to do is copy and paste from our user-friendly documentation. The plan is to integrate every single system that coreboot supports, into autoboot.

To this end, autoboot re-uses the libreboot build system and forks it, while attempting to maintain parity with that project in non-board-specific areas (libreboot is our upstream provider, much like Debian is Ubuntu's upstream provider). Libreboot is a fully free software distribution, removing binary blobs from coreboot and supporting as many systems as possible that way. Meanwhile, autoboot re-integrates blobs from coreboot, or from external sources as required (e.g. Video BIOS, CPU microcode updates, the Intel Management Engine and so on). Similar to the libreboot project, we do aim to create a fully free software distribution of coreboot but also give users the choice over integrating blobs in order to run as much free software as possible on their systems.

Simply speaking, we want to support everything that coreboot supports, to bring more people into the project, by making it stupidly easy to use. Coreboot has many practical advantages over proprietary firmware; faster boot speeds, better customization, less bugs, and many many advanced features (for example, you can load a kernel from the flash chip, and there are many different payloads to choose from). We think coreboot is cool, and we want to give it to you.

Autoboot's long time goal is to ensure that coreboot will be easy to use on its own and therefore especially new users won't need autoboot anymore to use fast, secure and free boot firmware.

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